Credit Buidler Loan

Welcome to our Credit Builder Loan program! Are you new to credit or looking to improve your score? Our friendly loans help you establish credit with easy monthly payments. By making timely payments, you show responsible money management, boosting your credit score for better rates in the future. Plus, we offer financial education to help you navigate your finances confidently. No need to worry about high interest rates or accumulating debt - our program is designed to build your savings while building your credit.


Benefits of this Credit Building Loan:

  1. Establishes or Rebuilds Credit History: Each on-time payment helps build a positive credit history.
  2. Affordable Payments: Monthly payments are within your budget
  3. No Cosigner Required: You can establish credit on your own.

This credit builder loan provides a manageable way to establish credit and achieve your financial goals without getting into high-cost loans or giving up on your plans.


Credit Builder Loan

Interest rates effective January 1, 2024
Loan Amount
Annual Percentage Rate
Monthly Payment
12 Months $500.00 8.35% $43.58
12 Months $1000.00 8.35% $87.14
12 Months $1,500.00 8.35% $130.71


All proceeds held on deposit until loan is repaid in full. See Loan Officer for more details.